The denturologist’s role

Get flawless dentures, specially tailored to your complexion, face shape and other features. Not only will your denturologist guide you through the entire treatment plan, they will make, fit and adjust your denture for a perfect smile.

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Why should I visit a denturologist?

Denturologists are experts in prosthetic dentistry; whether your concerns are cosmetic or health-related, they can help.

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Types of dentures

Equilibrated, balanced, precision, semi-precision, standard, centric—there are so many different kinds of dentures. A denturologist can help you make sense of it all.

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Dépôt du projet de loi 29

Dépôt du projet de loi 29 modifiant des dispositions légales dans le domaine buccodentaire - Après des années d'attente, l'Ordre des denturologistes du Québec, manifeste sa satisfaction. [French only]

2019 campaign

Watch our campaign video, and encourage the work and expertise of Quebec’s denturologists.

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